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Version: 7.9


Welcome to Ignition Reporting!

Ignition Reporting is a module for creating dynamic reports! The Reporting Module allows you to create your own custom reports on the fly or generate them based on a schedule. Data is introduced through Ignition, providing access to any SQL database!

Ignition Reporting makes creating professional reports easy with a rich library including: images, graphs, tables, and a variety of basic shape tools. The Report Scheduler allows automatic report generation at any time you'd like, and automated distribution means it gets where you need it without lifting a finger. Access to live reports is available through the web based Ignition runtime, a Java application, providing authenticated users access from anywhere, all based on networking standards that your IT department can support. Reports are printer friendly and can easily be exported to a variety of formats including .PDF! Here are some common uses of dynamic reports:

  • Production Management
  • Efficiency Monitoring
  • Downtime Tracking
  • Statistical Process Control
  • Quality Assurance
  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) Management
  • Historical Data Analysis


Ignition Reporting enables managers to increase productivity, decrease waste, reduce costs, and increase quality with existing resources by providing a view of their manufacturing process. Managers often save time by automating reporting processes that were once done by hand. Often valuable man-hours that went into creating spreadsheets or reports can be recovered! These reports are trivial to manage since they are generated on the fly from existing SQL database data.


Here are some of the other innovative features of the Reporting Module.

  • Report Engine
  • Report Workspace
  • Reports as Project-level Resources
  • Powerful Data Collection Utilities
  • Drag-and-Drop Query Builder
  • Charting Components
  • 2D Barcode Generation
  • Powerful Scheduled Report generation
  • Familiar Property Editing
  • Scheduled Distribution Actions to Email, Save, FTP and More!
  • Scripting Capabilities

Intuitive Report Design

The Report Designer makes report generation feel just like designing a Vision window, and includes intuitive layout and drawing tools. Tricks and learned-behaviors from Vision windows are easily transferable to reports.

Powerful Components

A host of report-specific components unleash a wealth of possibilities as shown below. Tables can dynamically add pages to account for varying amounts of data, or change appearance based on certain values. Beautiful charts can visualize data. There are even Label and Barcode components so you can create shipping and product labels.

BarcodeXY ChartBar Chart

Reporting Module Components that can be used with the Vision Module

The Reporting Module provides several components that can be used with the Vision module. The Row Selector and Column Selector components aid with dataset manipulation, while the File Explorer and PDF File Viewer components allow clients to access files outside of Ignition. There is even a Report Viewer component so reports can be viewed directly from the client.

Scheduled Report Execution

The Schedule Engine allows you to schedule when reports run, and what to do with the report when it's complete such as Email, Print, or Save as a File!

Supports Multiple File Formats

Reports can be generated in the following formats: CSV, HTML, JPEG, PDF, PNG, RTF, and XML.

New in 7.9.5
As of 7.9.5, reports may now be exported using the XLS format.

Using the Report Module

On the Vision Module

  • A report that you create with the Reporting Module can be displayed using the Vision component either in the Designer or the Client.
  • You can print and save a report through scripting. You can also right click on the component to print or save which is very useful in the Client. To learn more, refer to the Report Viewer in the Appendix.

On the Trial Version

  • All Report functionality is available.
  • There is no limit on the number of reports or how you can view or distribute them.
  • The only limitation is the watermark on each page.

Legacy Reports

To take advantage of Ignition's powerful platform, we introduced a new version of the Reporting Module. You may see reports created by an older Reporting Module version in your project. If you need to modify an existing report, you'll still have access to the same customizer that you always had, double-clicking on them to open up their editor. They will continue to work as they always have without any modification.To learn more about converting reports created by an older version of the Reporting Module, refer to the section on Converting Legacy Reports.

We recommend that you convert your older reports to the latest version to take advantage of the many features of the Reporting Module.