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Version: 8.1


New in 8.1.0

This function is used in Python Scripting.


Removes stored annotations from the sqlth_annotations table. Requires the full Tag path (including history provider) for each annotation, as well as each annotation's storage ID.

The function expects two lists (PySequences) of equal length. The items in each list is 1-to-1, meaning the first item in the "paths" list relates to the first item in the "storageIds" list, the second item in "paths" relates to the second item in "storageIds", etc.

Client Permission Restrictions

This scripting function has no Client Permission restrictions.


system.tag.deleteAnnotations(paths, storageIds)


List[String]pathsA list of Tag paths with existing annotations. The paths are equivalent to what would be used for a Tag history query, and should specify the source provider as well. For example, HistoryProvider/Gateway:[Provider]Path/To/Tag.
List[String]storageIdsA sequence of storage identifiers that will be deleted. Storage ID values can be retrieved with system.tag.queryAnnotations.


A list of qualified values. The quality code will indicate success or failure, and if successful, the storage id of the annotation will have been deleted. See Scripting Object Reference.


Gateway, Vision Clients, Perspective Sessions

Code Examples

Example #1
paths = ["[My-Provider]Station_1/ph", "[My-Provider]Station_2/ph"]
storageId = [2,3]

system.tag.deleteAnnotations(paths, storageId)


system tag deleteAnnotations, tag.deleteAnnotations