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Version: 8.1


Components are what give you flexibility in designing HMI and SCADA that reflect your company's design and your site's layout. Components are the widgets you deal with every day: buttons, text areas, dropdowns, charts, gauges, linear displays, and so on. The Perspective and Vision Modules come with a host of useful components out of the box, many of which are specialized for industrial controls use. Other modules, like the Reporting module, add more components for specialty purposes.

Configuring components is usually the bulk of a designer's work when designing a project. The basic workflow is to take a component from the palette and drop it into a container or a window. From there, you can use the mouse to drag and resize the component into the correct position. While the component is selected, you can use the component's properties to alter the component's appearance and behavior.

In this section, you can view all the components in the following modules, their properties along with an example of how to configure it.