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Version: 8.1

System Architectures


Inductive University

Ignition System Architecture

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Ignition is flexible enough to meet the demands of any enterprise infrastructure large, small, or somewhere in-between. You can deploy Ignition at one site, multiple sites, or host it in the Cloud. This section displays several common architecture examples. Many are simply examples, but they are a great starting point. Additionally, these example architectures can be modified or scaled out to accommodate a number of different requirements.

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Security Architecture

Learn some best practices for how to secure the following architectures by reviewing Ignition Security Architecture.

Basic Architecture

Basic Architecture Diagram

Scale Out Architecture

Scale Out Architecture Diagram

Hub and Spoke Architecture

Hub and Spoke Architecture Diagram

IIoT Architecture

IIoT Architecture Diagram

Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture Diagram

Redundancy Architecture

Redundancy Architecture Diagram

Cloud Based Architecture

Cloud Based Architecture Diagram

AWS Outposts Architecture