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Version: Deprecated Pages

Tag Editor 8.0.0 - 8.1.16

The Designer's Tag Editor was updated in version 8.1.17. The pages in the section contain documentation for the editor from versions 8.0.0 through 8.1.16

📄️ Tag Properties

Tags are points of data and may have static values or dynamic values that come from an OPC address, an Expression, or a SQL query. The values can be used on screens and in Transaction Groups. Additionally, Tags offer a core set of features above and beyond simple values, such as scaling, alarming, and history logging. Depending on the specific type of Tag, even more options are available. In general, Tags provide a common interface for tying together many types of data in Ignition.

📄️ UDT Inheritance

Once you have a single data type created, it is possible to set up UDT inheritance where data types extend to other data types, to add additional members, or override default values. For example, you can create a new data type and using the inheritance feature it will inherit all Tags from the parent data type including the parameters. Then you can add additional Tags and/or override any settings in your new data type. UDT Inheritance is a way to extend to a class of data types to add more functionality to that class.