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Version: 8.1

Logback XML File Reference

This section details the various configuration changes that can be made to the logback.xml file. Ignition-specific properties will be covered here, with official documentation linked for Logback-specific functions.

In a usual Ignition environment, logs come from the Java Service Wrapper and are displayed in two locations:

  • The console, using standard out (stdout).
  • A log file (also known as a wrapper log).

Ignition will log to stdout, which will then be used by the wrapper. This leads to the wrapper log(s) displaying the information you would typically see, such as the logging level, Java Wrapper Service process identifier (PID), date and time, and log message. Most log events are between 600 to 800 bytes on disk.

Configuration File Location

The logback.xml file can be found at:


See the Installing and Upgrading Ignition page for default installation directories.

Official Logback Properties and Documentation

There are general, non-Ignition related settings in the logback.xml file that can be configured and changed. Documentation for these settings and arguments, such as appender, encoder, and pattern, can be found in the Logback manual.

Ignition Logback Properties

The table below lists properties and their descriptions that are specific to Ignition:

Maintenance Settings

entryLimitThe maximum number of entries in the database. However, at any given time, there may be more than this number, due to how cleanup works. Default is 50000.
maxEventPerMaintenanceThe number of events that can happen before a maintenance cycle occurs. Default is 5000.
minTimeBetweenMaintenanceThe minimum time in milliseconds (max frequency) between maintenance events. Takes precedence over max events. Default is 60000, meaning maintenance events will not occur more often than once per minute.
vacuumFrequencyThe number of maintenance cycles before a "vacuum" is performed, to recover disk space. Default is 3.
New in 8.1.21
The number of oldest events that will be removed when max database size is exceeded. Default is 500.
New in 8.1.21
Database size in bytes. Going above this value will trigger a maintenance cycle to remove diskspaceCleanupEventCount of oldest events. Default is 104857600, or around 104.86 megabytes.

Migrating Loggers

You can change Ignition's logging output location. This requires setting up several elements such as the new folder location to store the log files, an appender, a size limit for the log file, and more. Full instructions on migrating Ignition loggers can be found here.