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Version: 8.1

Ignition 8 Upgrade Guide

This section contains guides for users that are considering upgrading to newer versions of Ignition.

Should I Upgrade?

It may not be advisable for all users to immediately upgrade production systems to 8. It is highly recommended that all users who wish to upgrade should first install Ignition 8 on a separate server and validate all of the functionality required by their system before deploying it into production. Please read this guide in its entirety to understand the changes introduced in Ignition 8 and evaluate if they will impact your installation(s).

New in 8.1.33
The bundled version of Java in Ignition has been upgraded from Java 11 to Java 17.0.8. Upgrading is recommended for Ignition versions running Vision Clients and Designers 8.1.2 or lower as they will fail to retarget to new clients running Java 17.

Expected Downtime

If you are upgrading Ignition 8, there are some changes that may require a downtime window, even when using Ignition’s Redundancy. These changes are covered on the the pages listed below.