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Version: 8.1

Ignition Maker Edition

Inductive University

Getting Started with Maker

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What Is Ignition Maker Edition?

Ignition Maker Edition is a community version of Inductive Automation's Ignition SCADA application. The Maker Edition enables hobbyists and those folks who want to explore and get inspired to build and automate their own projects in their home. Ignition Maker Edition is a free-license edition that can be strictly used for non-commercial and personal educational use. Users are free to make use of all the modules and features of the product while creating their own project.


For educational institutions, Inductive Automation has other options for a classroom setting or senior projects. Please contact our sales team for more information on these options.

Maker Edition Gateway

What Can Maker Edition Do?

Maker Edition can do almost anything standard Ignition can do. You can seamlessly connect all your data, design any kind of application with ease, and instantly web-deploy clients to anyone, anywhere — all from one platform.

How Maker Edition Compares to Standard Edition

Make Edition differs from Standard Edition Ignition in the following ways:

  • Maker licenses are free. Get one now in your IA account.
  • Maker Gateways can support a maximum of 10 Perspective sessions.
  • The Perspective Workstation is not available for Maker Edition.
  • Maker Gateways can run up to 10,000 Tags.
  • In regards to redundancy, Maker Gateways can only be set to the Independent mode.
  • New in 8.1.4
    As of 8.1.4, it is now possible to create remote Tag Providers and Tag history providers when the provider source is a Maker Gateway.

Ignition Maker Edition has limited module support. The table below represents Inductive Automation modules that are ready to use on Maker Gateways. Modules that aren't allowed to run on Maker will be removed during Maker's commissioning process.

Module NameDescription
Alarm NotificationProvides alarm notifications via email.
Allen-Bradley Driver SuiteAllen-Bradley driver suite for the OPC UA module.
Logix DriverA driver for communicating with Allen-Bradley Logix5000 series PLCs, and includes firmware version 21 support.
Modbus DriverA driver for communicating with devices via Modbus-TCP.
Omron DriverDrivers for Omron PLCs.
OPC UAProvides Ignition's OPC UA client and server functionality.
PerspectiveA module that provides modern, responsive HTML based graphical interfaces for Ignition projects.
ReportingAdds reporting capability.
Serial Support (Gateway)Adds platform-level serial comm support and system.serial functions to Gateway-scoped scripts.
SFCSequential Function Charts are customizable logic execution environments.
Siemens DriverSupport for Siemens S7-300, S7-400 and S7-1200 drivers.
SQL BridgeAn OPC-to-SQL data logger and transaction manager.
Tag HistorianTurns any database into a powerful historian that can store and drive data in Maker Edition.
TwilioSend SMS alarm notifications without a physical device allowing you to send SMS message via Python script.
UDP/TCP DriverDrivers for receiving and parsing UDP or TCP packets.
Web DevAllows you to create and serve basic web resources and respond to web requests through scripting.

Third Party Modules

Module authors can allow their modules to run on Maker Edition. For more information, see the module's documentation.