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 system.tag.browseConfiguration(path, recursive)

  • Parameters 

String path -

Boolean recursive - If true, will recursively search for tags in folders. Each folder will return a 'tags' property containing the nested TagConfigurations in another list. 

  • Returns

 TagConfiguration[] - A list of TagConfiguration objects. The following

  • Scope


If called in the gateway scope, a tag provider must be specified.

 Results of getProperties()

eventScripts, path, name, value (more potentially. List increases if "non-default" values exist on a property. Path, name, and value seem to always be present.

#Browse for all tags at the root of the tag provider named 'default'
#Does some other cool stuff. Play with it more. 
configs = system.tag.browseConfiguration("[default]", False)
for item in configs:
	if str(item.tagType) == "Folder":
		for tag in item.subTags:
			print "Name: " + + ", Type: " + str(tag.tagType)
		print "Name: " + + ", Type: " + str(item.tagType)