Exports the contents of a dataset as an Excel spreadsheet, prompting the user to save the file to disk. Uses the same format as the dataSetToExcel function.

This scripting function has no Client Permission restrictions.

system.dataset.exportExcel(filename, showHeaders, dataset[, nullsEmpty])

  • Parameters

String filename - A suggested filename to save as.

boolean showHeaders - If true (1), the spreadsheet will include a header row.

Object[] dataset - A sequence of datasets, one for each sheet in the resulting workbook.

Boolean nullsEmpty If True (1), the spreadsheet will leave cells with NULL values empty, instead of allowing Excel to provide a default value like 0. Defaults to False. [Optional]

  • Returns

String - The path to the saved file, or None if the action was canceled by the user.

  • Scope


# This snippet would prompt the user to save the data currently displayed in a Table component to an Excel-compatible spreadsheet file, and would open the file after a successful save.
table = event.source.parent.getComponent("Table")
filePath = system.dataset.exportExcel("data.xls", 1, table.data)
if filePath != None: