Sets the connection mode for the Client. Normally a Client runs in mode 3, which is read-write. You may wish to change this to mode 2, which is read-only, which will only allow reading and subscribing to Tags, and running SELECT queries. Tag writes and INSERT / UPDATE / DELETE queries will not function. You can also set the connection mode to mode 1, which is disconnected, all Tag and query features will not work.


  • Parameters

Integer mode - The new connection mode: 1 = Disconnected, 2 = Read-only, 3 = Read/Write.

  • Returns


  • Scope

Vision Client

# This example, which could go in a project's startup script, checks the current username 
# and sets the connection mode to read-only if it is the "guest" user.
username =
if "guest" == username.lower():
   # Set "guest" user to read-only mode.

system util setConnectionMode, util.setConnectionMode