Finds a reference to an open window with the given name. Throws a ValueError if the named window is not open or not found.


  • Parameters

String name - The path to the window to field.

  • Returns

Window - A reference to the window object, if it was open. 

  • Scope

Vision Client

# This example gets the window named 'Overview' and then closes it.
   window = system.gui.getWindow('Overview')
except ValueError:
   system.gui.warningBox("The Overview window isn't open")

# This example sets a value on a label component in the 'Header' window.
   window = system.gui.getWindow('Header')
   window.getRootContainer().getComponent('Label').text = "Machine 1 Starting"
except ValueError:
   system.gui.warningBox("The Header window isn't open")

system gui getWindow, gui.getWindow