Closes the Perspective Session with the given session ID or the current session if no ID is provided. If a message is provided, it is displayed on the page when the session closes. Otherwise the default message (set in the Project Properties) is displayed.

In the Perspective mobile app, the user is returned to the launch screen.

system.perspective.closeSession(message, sessionId)

  • Parameters

String message - The message to display when the session closes. If omitted, the default message (set in the Project Properties) is shown. [optional]

String sessionId - Identifier of the session to be closed. If omitted, the current sessionId is used. [optional]

  • Returns


  • Scope

Perspective Session

# Closes the session with the given sessionId.
system.perspective.closeSession('Your Session has ended.','2e1c98a8-182e-43ce-84e8-a71d441c2cce')

system perspective closeSession, perspective.closeSession