You never know when a disaster is about to happen, and scheduled backups can get you out of a bad situation. Ignition will automatically create Gateway backups based on whatever schedule you want, and save them wherever you need, even on another server. Just fill in a few settings and Ignition will do the rest. 

Once you have regular scheduled backups setup, make sure to secure them too! If you have your IT department regularly save files to an off-site location, it's easy to add these scheduled Gateway backups to the list. 

UNIX Crontab

The scheduled backup system works on a schedule that is specified using UNIX Crontab syntax. This is a standard format for specifying a basic schedule. The format consists of five space-separated fields, one for minute, hour, day-of-month, month, and day-of-week as shown below. The special Gateway Configuration 72 character * means all. Slashes can be used to indicate that values should be stepped, for example, */5 in the minutes field means "every 5 minutes", or 0:00, 0:05, 0:10, etc.

  • Minutes -  (0 - 59)
  • Hour - (0 - 23)
  • Day of the Month - (1 - 31)
  • Month - (1 - 12)
  • Day of the Week - (0 - 6) (0 to 6 is Sunday to Saturday

Here are some examples using Crontab formatting:


0 1 5 * *Once a month, on the 5th day at 1am
5 * * * *Once an hour, on the :05 minute. 0:05, 1:05, 2:05, etc.
30 5 * * 1Every Monday at 5:30am
* 6-14 * * *Every minute, but only between 6am and 2pm
*/5 8-17 * * 1-5Every 5 minutes between 8am and 5pm but only during the week (1-5). 0=Sunday,
1=Monday, etc.
*/15 * * * *Every 15 minutes, on the quarter-hour. 0:15, 0:30, 0:45; 1:00, 1:15, etc.

To Setup Scheduled Backups

Gateway backups can be created automatically in Ignition. You can set up a schedule to perform scheduled Gateway backups in the Gateway Webpage. The following is an example of setting up a daily Gateway backup schedule. 

  1. Go to the Config tab of Gateway Webpage, and under System select Gateway Settings.

  2. On the Gateway Settings page, scroll down to the middle of the page to the Scheduled Backup Settings section.
    The properties in this section allow you to enable and set the backup schedule.

  3. Select the checkbox for Enable Scheduled Backups.
     This enables the scheduled backups to execute at a scheduled time.
  4. In Backup Folder, type a path to a folder where the backups will be saved. For example, you can type:

     The path to a folder where the backups are to be saved can be a local folder (C:\backups) or a network path (\\computer\share\backup) as shown in the image above.

  5. In Backup Schedule, type a UNIX crontab scheduling string to specify when you want to make the backups.
    For example, the code below makes a backup at 15 minutes and 1 hour after midnight, every day, every month, and every day of the week (1:15am every day). 

    15 1 * * *

  6. In Retention Count, specify the number of most recent backups kept in the backup folder. For example, you can specify 14 if you want to only keep the last 14 backups. After 14 backups, the oldest backup will be deleted and the new one will be saved. 

  7. Click Save Changes at the bottom of the page. 
    Now, the Gateway will automatically make backups for you based on the schedule of your settings. 

    If something is wrong with the scheduled backup system, Ignition will store error messages to the Gateway logs.