Ignition Edge was revised and expanded significantly as of release 8.0.10. This deprecated page is for User Manual legacy records.

Downloading and installing Ignition Edge works in much the same way that installing Ignition on any operating system works. While Edge is a great companion for a minimal system such as an ARM device, it can be installed on just about any operating system.

To install Edge on an ARM processor, you need the Edge-specific zip file named Ignition-Edge-linux-armhf-x.x.x.zip where x.x.x is the version number. 

  1. Download the Ignition Edge zip file from the Inductive Automation website (ia.io). 
    1. Click Download Ignition in the upper right corner. 
    2. Click the Other operating systems and version link.

    3. Scroll down to the operating system and click the Ignition Edge system Installer file.

      The zip file will be downloaded onto your computer. 

  2. Extract the zip file contents. (For example, in Windows, right click on the file and select Extract.)

  3. Open the folder with the extracted files and double click on the install-ignition.bat file. 

  4. Once Edge is installed, you need to start Ignition Edge. Double click on the start-ignition.bat file. 

Once the installation process is done and the Edge Gateway has finished starting, navigate to localhost:8088 in a web browser. You'll be asked to agree to the License Agreement. You'll also be asked to create a username and password. Next click the Gateway Homepage button to go to the Ignition Edge Gateway Webpage.

You will notice the Edge Gateway is green instead of our usual orange color, so you instantly know this is an Edge install instead of a full installation of Ignition.

Once Edge is installed, you can start using it. It has the same two hour trial as the full install of Ignition.