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Ignition is not like any other HMI / SCADA system you've seen before! Ignition is a single install, runs from a single location, is server based, and is sold by the server not by the client. It uses current web-based technology and allows you to bring the IT department and the plant floor closer than ever. Ignition uses Java for fast secure runtime clients, and that means it can be used on any system, any version. Windows 10, Mac OSX, Linux or Cloud servers. You can switch between systems or use one type for the server and a combination of types for your runtime clients. If an IT department wants to use Windows servers to host and the Operations groups want to use their new MacBooks, Ignition can handle it.

What can Ignition do for you? It has built-in, drag and drop functionality for just about anything you can imagine. Ignition does HMI/SCADA controls, Dashboards, Historical Trending, Database access, Reporting, Alarming, Security, Sequential Function Charts, Redundancy, Failover control, Enterprise Administration, and more. Ignition does all this well because of its Modular Architecture. You choose the features and functionality you need. Want to try some of the other features? You always have a full version of Ignition with a resettable timer to try new things. Play around as much as you like and decide for yourself what you want.

About this User Manual

This Welcome section provides a broad overview and information relating to modulesarchitecturesinstallation, and a Quick Start Guide. The sidebar on the left is a table of contents organized so you can navigate easily and quickly through Ignition's features, modules, functions, and so forth. 

In the Appendix you'll find an exhaustive list of all the ComponentsExpressions, and  Scripting Functions in Ignition.

Take a look at the navigation section on the left and poke around, or use the search bar at the top of the navigation. 

Ignition 8.0

This User Manual is specifically for Ignition 8.0. Newer major versions of the software will have separate User Manuals that focus on newer features. You can also tell which User Manual version you're looking at by the Image in the Sidebar. 

Inductive University

Inductive University is a free online learning platform designed to help you master Ignition. You can watch over 500 training videos and participate in our credential program to test your knowledge. It's the first step to joining our ranks of Certified Integrators. 

This User Manual section is closely tied with Inductive University so you can have a conceptual understanding from this manual and a visual walk-through of the feature in the videos. Throughout this online manual, you will find links to the various Inductive University videos on the right side of the page. These videos correspond to the information in that page or section. This way, you can get a conceptual understanding from the information provided here, and a visual walk-through of the feature by watching the videos. The video links will look like the one to the right of this paragraph.

Ignition Basics

Ignition is completely different from what you are used to using. See what Ignition is and some of the many things it can do for you. Learn the basics and how it can work for you.

Introducing Ignition

Quick Start Guide

New to Ignition? Get started by getting Ignition running on your computer in minutes with our Quick Start Guide. Download Ignition and evaluate the full version right away.

Quick Start Guide

Installing and Upgrading

You can install Ignition in under 3 minutes; staying current is just as easy. No hassles, no secret handshakes, only one lightweight install and you can have clients running everywhere.

Installing and Upgrading Ignition

System Architectures

Ignition can support many different types of architectures from single standalone systems to vast enterprise level structures. Learn about the types of architectures and how they work.

System Architectures


Are you ready to really get to know Ignition? Modules are the building blocks of Ignition. They are the reason it can do so much and be so flexible. Adding the functionality you need is simple with Ignition Modules. 

Modules Overview

New in this Version

Are you looking for something that has changed? Or maybe you want to see the things we have been adding to Ignition? Check out the New in this Version page for a list of improvements for each version.

New in this Version

Partner Programs

Inductive Automation is proud to have a Partner Program that allows others to create modules to enhance Ignition's functionality. You can learn more about Sepasoft's MES modules and Cirrus Link's MQTT modules here.

SDK Documentation

Documentation for the Ignition Module SDK. Anyone looking to create a new module should start here.


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