A Personal Identification Number is a numeric code (usually 4 or 5 digits) that a user can select for security. Normal passwords are more secure, but PINs are often used over telephone connections. In Ignition, a PIN can be set up for each user and used when receiving/acknowledging alarms with the Voice Notification Module.

A software environment that is used to write applications and run them. It includes software tools such as GUI builders, compilers, class libraries, and utilities for developing the applications, as well as a runtime engine for executing the applications, because they are not able to run on their own. Sun's Java and Microsoft's .NET Framework are examples of major software platforms. -PC Magazine Encyclopedia

The Ignition Platform refers to the core installation of Ignition. From that, additional modules or projects can be built to suit any customer's needs.

Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) is a programmable microprocessor-based device that is used in manufacturing to control assembly lines and machinery on the shop floor as well as many other types of mechanical, electrical, and electronic equipment in a plant. A PLC is designed for real-time use in rugged, industrial environments. Connected to sensors and actuators, PLCs are categorized by the number and type of I/O ports they provide and by their I/O scan rate.

Polling is a data acquisition strategy that involves regularly asking a device for the latest data (as opposed to that device notifying when the data changes).

The Polling Rate in Ignition refers to how often Ignition will query the database for updates, or how often it will update data in the runtime Clients.

Tag Scan Classes also have a Polling Rate. This is the number of milliseconds Ignition will wait before asking for Tag values again.

A relational database. Ignition connects easily to it and can use it to store or retrieve data. Often pronounced as "post-gres"

In controls, the system "brain". In PLC controls this is usually a plugin card which can be upgraded to higher capability by plugging in another card.

The processor serves a similar function in a computer, but modern computers have multiple processors. Often 16 or more.

A set of rules governing the exchange or transmission of data between devices. -Google

A scripting language used in Ignition. Ignition uses Python as the language, and Jython as the implementation of the language.

You can find out more about the usable functions inĀ Python here.