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The On-Call Roster lets you create user groups to be notified when an alarm occurs. Each group includes a list of users in a specific order. You then use the on-call roster, simply called the roster for short, when you are configuring the notification block inside an alarming pipeline. Depending on the alarm notification profile used, the users can be notified one at a time (sequential), or all at once (parallel).

To create and manage the on-call roster

  1. Go to the Configure section of the Gateway.
  2. Choose Alarming > On-Call Rosters from the menu on the left.
    The On-Call Rosters page is displayed. 
  3. Click on Create New On-Call Roster.
    You can create as many rosters as you wish.
  4. On the Create New On-Call Roster, enter a Name, and click Create New On-Call Roster.
  5. Click on manage to the right of the roster name you want to add the user list to.
    The Manage Roster page is displayed and from here you can choose one or all users from a list and put them in any order you wish.


On-Call Rosters







On-Call Rosters
An On-Call Roster (often simply called "roster" for short) is simply a group of users in a specific order.
Rosters are used for alarm notification. Alarm pipelines' notification blocks must choose an on-call
roster which defines the users to notify for that notification block.
It is important to remember that when an on-call roster is used for alarm notification, only those users
on the roster whose schedules are active will actually be notified.
You can define rosters via the Gateway's web configuration interface under Configure > Alarming
> On-Call Rosters. Adding users to the rosters is done via picking a user source, and then
dragging the users into the roster. Once in the roster, you can drag them up and down to define the
Roster management can also be exposed to users inside a Vision Client by using the Roster
Management Panel component. This component can re-arrange and add/remove users to any defined







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