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Searching Through the Designer

The Edit > Find/Replace menu command in the Designer is a very handy tool. You can search your entire project for specific components, properties, scripts, Transaction Groups and more. You can then use the replace feature to make mass changes to a project with very little effort.

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NameUsing Find and Replace





To Find and Replace

  1. In the Designer, go to Edit > Find/Replace or use the shortcut Ctrl-F. The Find/Replace window is displayed.

  2. Type what you're searching for in the textbox at the top to search through your project. The wildcard character (*) which will match anything, and the single-character wildcard character (?). 

    For example, to find all references to a tag that started with the string "Motor", you could search for Motor*. This would match things like Motor15MotorHOA. The search query Valve?Status would return Valve1Status, but not Valve38Status because multiple characters are present between "Valve" and "Status".
  3. In the Target section, narrow down your search by choosing the options you are interested in. It is often useful to specify a narrow search target. Find/Replace searches through many different parts of a project as well as through Tags. The target settings let you specify exactly what Find/Replace should search through. By unchecking boxes in the Target section, you can avoid search results that you aren't interested in.

  4. Click the Find button at the top right to execute the search. All matching items appear in the Results section. Double-click on an item in the Results table to bring that item into editing focus in the Designer. 
  5. To replace a value, select an entry in the Results section and you'll see the Value of that entry in the Current box of the Replace section.
  6. Enter the text you want to use as a replacement in the Replace textbox and a preview of the new value is shown in the Preview box. 
  7. Click the Replace button to execute the replace.  This will move your selection down in the Results table so that you can rapidly execute multiple replacements.  If you're satisfied and you'd like to make the identical replacement to many items, select them all in the Results table and click the Replace All button.


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