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Glossary term
gloTermQR Code

Quick Response Code (QR Code) is a two-dimensional bar code that can store more information than traditional bar codes. Because they can carry information both vertically and horizontally, they can provide a vast amount of information including links, text or other data.

Glossary term
termLabelsgloTermQuery TagtermAbbrs

Query Tags are driven by a SQL query. The SQL syntax is dictated by the database used, not any special Ignition Format.

Glossary term
termLabelsgloTermQuick Response CodetermAbbrstermSyns

See QR Code.

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Glossary term
termSynsQualified Value

A commonly used object in Ignition that incorporates the value of a tag or property, in addition to some meta data associated with the value. Composed of three parts: a value, a quality code of the value, and timestamp the value was taken