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SMS Notification Module

Short Message Service (SMS) is the protocol that is used by text messaging systems. The SMS Notification Module allows you to deliver SMS alarm notifications via a cellular modem configured with a SIM card belonging to an active cellular account. If enabled, recipients of these messages can reply with a special code in order to acknowledge the alarm.


The SMS Notification Module is dependent on the Alarm Notification module. You must have both modules installed to send alarms.

Device Configuration

Inductive Automation officially supports three Airlink devices: the RV50/RV50X, RV55 andLX40and LX40. Most devices from most manufacturers that support the Airlink IP protocol can be used, but some configuration settings might be different. You can do the basic configuration for the Airlink modem by importing a template settings file provided by Inductive Automation. To learn more, refer to the Knowledge Base article by clicking the link on the right side of this page.

For more information about various AirLink® devices, see:

Multiple Systems with One Modem

You can use one SMS modem with multiple Ignition systems for one-way (outgoing) messaging. If you want to use two-way messaging (incoming and outgoing), then only one Ignition system can receive those incoming responses.


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NameAirLink LS300 Setup Guide

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NameAirLink RV50 Setup Guide

Create an SMS Notification Profile

  1. Go to the Config section of the Gateway Webpage
  2. Scroll down to Alarming > Notification from the menu on the left.

  3. On the Alarm Notification Profiles page, click on Create new Alarm Notification Profile
  4. Select the SMS Notification profile type and click Next.

  5. Set the following settings concerning your device, and then click on Create New Alarm Notification Profile.
    • Name: SMS
    • Description: optional
    • Enabled box: Click to Enable SMS notifications.
    • Airlink Host Address: The IP address of the airlink modem.
    • Send Port: The default port is 17341, which is configured in the device.
    • Receive Port: The default port is 17342, which is the port used by Ignition when two-way messaging is enabled. The port must not already be used by the host system, and must not be blocked by a firewall.
    • Two-way Enabled: If enabled, the message recipients will receive a text message notifying them of an alarm, and a link to acknowledge the alarm. This is communicated to Ignition via UDP data sent from the modem. Therefore, the Airlink modem must be configured with the IP address of the system.
    • Numeric Only Ack Code - If this is true, the ack code sent with the SMS message will be a numeric code instead of an alphanumeric code.
    • Audit Profile - If an audit profile is selected, events such as SMS messages and acknowledgements will be stored to the audit system.  
    • Once all the settings are entered, click the Create New Alarm Notification Profile button.     

Once you have the SMS Notification profile set up, you can add phone numbers to your contacts using the SMS Contact type. SMS notifications can also be sent with the Twilio Module

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NameSMS Notification Profile

SMS Notification Profile Settings

The following table describes the settings on the Alarm Notification Profiles page for a Twilio SMS Notification profile.



NameName for this alarm notification profile.
DescriptionDescription of the profile.
EnabledWhether the profile is enabled or disabled.
SMS Settings
Airlink Host address Enter the Airlink host address for this profile.
Send Port

The send port. (Default is 17,341.)

Receive PortThe receive port. (Default is 17,342.)
Two-Way EnabledWhether or not two-way SMS is enabled.(Default is false.)
Numeric Only Ack CodeWhether to accept only numeric ack codes. (Default is false.)
Auditing ProfileSelect an audit profile from the dropdown list.