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To be successful with the Ignition Module SDK, you'll want to become acquainted with the following technologies and concepts before you get started.


Ant is the build file system used by past versions of Ignition's SDK.  While not strictly necessary for module development, understanding and using Ant for those versions will make things much easier.  Each example project in the legacy SDK (which includes SDK versions up through Ignition 7.7.6) includes an Ant build file build.xml which can be modified and adapted as necessary.

Current versions of the Ignition SDK use Gradle instead of Ant. Gradle is often easier for Java developers to understand, but you can use any Java build tools you are comfortable with.

Maven is the predominant dependency management tool utilized in Java, and is also one of the most popular build systems.  It's 'convention over configuration' approach has laid the foundation for how modern Java applications are structured.  If you use our Ignition Maven Plugin, you will need to be familiar with pom.xml files and the Maven build cycle.