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gloTermActive Directory

Active Directory is a Windows OS directory service that facilitates working with interconnected, complex, and different network resources in a unified manner. In Ignition, this can be used as an authentication source that is managed by IT and provides a universal login for your operator's computers and Ignition clients.

Glossary term
termLabelsgloTermad hoc

Ad hoc refers to any activity that is not planned in advance, but is done or formed only because a particular situation has made it necessary.

Glossary term

Meaning not restricted to just one. Most commonly, you will hear that Ignition is database agnostic or Operating System agnostic. This means it can connect to many types of databases and be installed on more than one Operating System.

Glossary term
termSynsA-B,Allen Bradley

The name of a long list of popular PLCs owned by Rockwell.

Glossary term

Application Programming Interface (API), in the context of Java, is a collection of prewritten packages, classes, and interfaces with their respective methods, fields, and constructors. Similar to a user interface, which facilitates interaction between humans and computers, an API serves as a software program interface facilitating interaction. -techopedia

Glossary term
gloTermAspect Ratio

The aspect ratio of an image describes the proportional relationship between its width and its height. It is commonly expressed as two numbers separated by a colon, as in 16:9. -Google

Glossary term

The technique, method, or system of operating or controlling a process by highly automatic means, as by electronic devices,reducing human intervention to a minimum. -The Free Dictionary

Glossary term
gloTermAutomation Direct

A PLC supplier who rebrands PLCs manufactured by Koyo. These are mostly cheap, but reliable PLCs. They sell directly to end-users and integrators with no middle man, hence the name.

These PLCs are relatively limited and may be difficult to program but they have captured sizable market share based on price alone.