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termLabelsgloTermMemory Tag
 These tags are simple values. The value is specified during configuration, and it is stored when written to (if the tag allows writing).
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 Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is a control system for managing and monitoring work-in-process on a factory floor. An MES keeps track of all manufacturing information in real time, receiving up-to-the-minute data from robots, machine monitors and employees. Although manufacturing execution systems used to operate as self-contained systems, they are increasingly being integrated with enterprise resource planning (ERP) software suites. The goal of a manufacturing execution system is to improve productivity and reduce cycle-time, the total time to produce an order. By integrating an MES with ERP software, factory managers can be proactive about ensuring the delivery of quality products in a timely, cost-effective manner. -TechTarget

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gloTermMicrosoft SQL Server
termSynsSQL Server

Microsoft's flagship database. Ignition connects easily to it and can use it to store or retrieve data.

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Modbus is a serial communications protocol for use with the programmable logic controllers (PLCs). -Wikipedia

Modbus devices are PLCs that use this protocol to communicate.

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A compartmentalized addition to an Ignition server that when installed will introduce extra features. Modules can be added or removed from the Gateway Webpage, and additional modules can be downloaded from the Inductive Automation website.

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Message Queueing Telemetry Transport is a standard machine-to-machine data transfer protocol. The Cirrus Link modules are often referred to as the "MQTT modules" because they use this protocol to send data between the server and devices.

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Having or involving a number of independent mathematical or statistical variables. -Merriam-Webster

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A relational database. Ignition connects easily to it and can use it to store or retrieve data.