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What are Modules?

Modules are applications that are built on the Ignition platform, they are similar to applications for a smartphone. The modules are seamlessly integrated onto Ignition's architecture providing you the flexibility to choose them based on your system and plant requirements.


The following are some of Ignition's modules. They provide the core functionalities for building your HMI and SCADA system:

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NameAbout Ignition's Modules




MES Modules

The following Ignition modules provide the functionalities for supervising and tracking work on the plant floor:

  • Downtime OEE Module
    Lets you improve overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and offers plug-and-play downtime tracking and analysis.

  • SPC Module
    Lets you add statistical process control (SPC) charting capabilities.

  • Recipe and Changeover Module
    Lets you build, manage, and monitor recipes.

  • Instrument Interface Module
    Lets you capture and process data from instruments and devices.

  • Track and Trace Module
    Lets you see the entire manufacturing process in one unified interface.

For more information on the MES modules, see the MES Module section of the documentation.



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