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Clients can be opened with the Direct Launch Links in addition to using the Gateway Home page. These links can be used in any browser on the network and will launch the .jnlp files without a desktop shortcut.

  1. Go to the Configure section of the Gateway.
  2. Go the the Configuration > to System > Projects page. You will see a list of your projects on the Projects page. 
  3. Click the view More link to the far right of the row for the project you want to launch, and select details. You will see the Project details for 'your_project_name', and the Published and Staging launch links.
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  4. Right-click on Published/Windowed and choose Copy link address.
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  5. Go to your web browser, paste the link, and press enter to launch the Client.
  6. Mode.  If you are using Google Chrome, click Keep on the small dialog box that appears on the bottom-left of your window, then click on the .jnlp file to start the Client. 

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    Other browsers should start running immediately or may ask you if you want to save/run the .jnlp file.  Select 'Run' if prompted.  

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NameUsing the Direct Launch Links