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  1. code signing certificate.
  2. the full certificate chain, in the correct order, in p7b (PKCS7) format.
  3. the IA module signing tool or a tool that is capable of doing the equivalent.


Signing Your Module

Your certificate and its private key should be stored inside a Java keystore. You'll need this keystore file and the associated certificate chain to run the module signing tool. The certificate will be stored under an alias and password protected. 


Run the signing tool providing the following parameters:


java -jar module-signer.jar \ 
    -keystore=<path-to-my-keystore>/keystore.jks \
    -keystore-pwd=<password> \
    -alias-pwd=<password> \
    -chain=<pathToMyp7b>/cert.p7b \
    -module-in=<path-to-my-module>/my-unsigned-module.modl \