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The following are pages for content in Ignition that has been depreciated in the current version. This means the content is typically still available inside Ignition for to maintain backwards compatibility, but is otherwise hidden.

If you are upgrading your project to newer version, all old functionality will continue to work, but we recommend you use the new versions for any future development.

For example: The old Example: The legacy system.alert functions  functions no longer show up appear in Ignition. They still exist and work exactly the same, but have been replaced with newer system.alarm versions for the new alarming system that was created in Ignition version 7.6. We recommend any time you are creating new alarms in Ignition that you use the new system (and functions) instead of the old ones.

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This page has been removed from the Main navigation tree of our documentation, but is still searchable. This is to provide you with any information you might need without confusing new users.

, as they were replaced with the system.alarm functions.  However, the alert functions still exist in the software and work exactly the same as they used to. This space servers as a reference to these deprecated features. 

When upgrading to a newer version of Ignition, we strive to make project to a newer version of Igintion, all old functionality will continue to work.

While documentation for deprecated features is present in this space, we recommend that users switch their systems over to the newer features at their earliest convenience. 

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