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Comment: Revised definition of web-launched.


Glossary term
gloTermweb server

A web server is a computer program that delivers (serves) content, such as web pages, using the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), over the World Wide Web. The term web server can also refer to the computer or virtual machine running the program.

Glossary term
termAbbrstermSynsweb launched

You use A web-launched program is any program started from a web browser to or by using web technologies (common TCP and HTTP protocols). You can view the Ignition Gateway , and by clicking on a button on those pages, you can launch the clients and designer, all using common TCP and HTTP protocols.web page using a web browser, and the Ignition Designer and Vision Clients can be launched from the Gateway web page

Glossary term

Windows are the top-level unit of design for a project and the gateway to a HMI/SCADA application. They are the building blocks for all screens in a project, and act as a container for all other components that will make up a screen.