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Project Restore/Import

There are two primary ways you can restore / import a project:

  • Gateway Webpage -  imports the entire project.
  • In Designer using File > Import in the Menubar - lets you import an entire project or select only the resources you want to import into your project. 

To restore a project backup file in the Gateway Webpage

  1. Go to the Configure section of the Gateway webpage.
  2. Select Configuration System > Projects.
    The Projects page is displayed and you can see your existing projects. 

  3. Find the orange blue arrows at the bottom of the list of projects, and click on Upload project from a .proj backup file....
    The Upload Project page is displayed.
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  4. Click on Choose File, select your .proj file from your browser, and click Open.
  5. On Upload Project page, click on Upload.
    If there is already a project with the same name, the Project Name Conflict page is displayed giving you the option to Rename the project or Overwrite it.

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  6. Click Apply.
    The Projects page is displayed again and you will see your new project is added to the list along with the other the projects. 


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NameMaking Project Backups



To restore a project backup in the Designer

In the Designer, you can restore an entire project or selected resources from a project backup.
This example shows all the resources that were exported that you can restore from the project backup.

  1. In Designer, select File > Import.

  2. Select  the project backup file (.proj)  from the default folder, and click Open.

  3. Select the resources from the project that you want to import. Press Import

  4. If there are any conflicts when importing your project resources, a dialogue box will appear and ask you to either Overwrite, Rename, or Skip the affected items. 

  5. Verify that all your project resources were restored.