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Browses a folder path and returns Tag configuration information for each Tag in the folder. This can be used to view event scripts, alarms, as well as any other configurable attribute on a Tag. 


 system.tag.browseConfiguration(path, recursive)

  • Parameters 

String path - The path that will be browsed. The path typically leads to a folder. Leave blank to browse the root folder. A Tag Provider may be specified as follows: "[TagProvider]". If the Tag Provider is omitted, client scoped calls will be made against the project's default provider. Gateway scoped calls must include a Tag Provider.

Boolean recursive - If true, will recursively search for Tags in folders. Each folder will return a 'tags' property containing the nested TagConfigurations in another list. 

  • Returns

 TagConfiguration[] - A list of TagConfiguration objects. Attributes on the object may be read by calling get("propertyName"). A list of attributes with configuration information can be obtained by calling getProperties(). Only attributes with non-default values will appear in the attribute list. 

  • Scope



If called in the gateway scope, a tag provider must be specified.

TagConfiguration Method Summary

get(str propName)General purpose get method. Returns the value of propName
getProperties()Returns a list of
titleCode Examples
Code Block
titleCode Example - Print Attributes From All Tags
This example will browse the root of the Tag Provider named "default". 
For each tag found, prints the non-default attributes. 

#Specify the folder to browse. Modify this line to filter on a specific folder.  
folderPath = "[default]"

#Start a non-recursive browse, and stores the configuration data in a variable 
tagConfig = system.tag.browseConfiguration(folderPath, False)

#Iterate through the configuration data
for tag in tagConfig:
	#For each tag, retrieve a list of non-default attributes. We check each iteration of tagConfig
	#because each tag can potentially have a different configuration
	propList = tag.getProperties() 
	#Iterate through the list of properties
	for prop in propList:

		#Print the attribute name and value. 
		print "Attribute '%s' has a value of '%s'" % (prop, tag.get(prop))
Code Block
titleCode Snippet
#Browse for all tags at the root of the tag provider named 'default'
#Does some other cool stuff. Play with it more. 
configs = system.tag.browseConfiguration("[default]", False)
for item in configs:
	if str(item.tagType) == "Folder":
		for tag in item.subTags:
			print "Name: " + + ", Type: " + str(tag.tagType)
		print "Name: " + + ", Type: " + str(item.tagType)