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Glossary term
termSynsnested query

Nesting in general means putting one thing inside another, but in Ignition we usually mean we are putting something into a larger version of itself. Nesting SQL queries means you will run a SQL query, then for each result that it returns, another SQL query will be run based on it. This is very useful, for example you could query all available machines, then query the work orders on those machines.

Glossary term

A web of connections (usually Ethernet based) between many computers and machines in a facility. Can mean a local group (LAN) or a larger group connected through the internet Internet (WAN).

Glossary term
gloTermnetwork drive

A network drive refers to a folder stored on a computer that has been set to allow users across the network to access it. For example, you might store maintenance documents or manuals on a network drive to allow all users access to that data.

Glossary term

Network Interface Controller A Network Interface Controller (NIC) is a computer hardware component that connects a computer to a computer network.

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