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    to when talking about MQTT. Elecsys Corp is a company that has created Edge of Network devices that use MQTT and have hundreds of built-in drivers … communicate to devices through Ethernet or Serial and sends data back to a MQTT Server through Ethernet, Satellite, or Cellular connections. An information system
    Ignition User Manual 7.8Mar 22, 2016
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    This is an Ignition module made by Cirrus Link. It acts as a hub (Server) for MQTT clients (systems or devices) to securely connect, publish, and subscribe … to be a Client and connect to any existing MQTT Servers. These servers do not need to be using the Distributor Module, and are commonly stored in the cloud
    Ignition User Manual 7.8May 11, 2016
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    Transport is a standard machine-to-machine data transfer protocol. The Cirrus Link modules are often referred to as the "MQTT modules" because they use this protocol
    Ignition User Manual 7.8Mar 23, 2016