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  1. U

    A User Defined Type (UDT) is a complex type of Tag in Ignition that can be configured to easily control multiple instances. This type can hold multiple other basic types of tags (int, string, etc) as well as other UDTs. Changes made to the parent UDT will automatically be propagated to all children. A User Source in Ig
    Ignition User Manual 7.9Nov 30, 2018
  2. system.util.modifyTranslation

    Client This code adds or updates a translation into French for the world Hello. Note the u in front "Allô!", which is needed for Python strings outside of the 7bit ASCII range. system.util.modifyTranslation("Hello", u"Allô!", "fr")
    Ignition User Manual 7.9Dec 15, 2017
  3. SECS Definition Language (SDL) File

    ", "Bool", "A", "F", "U", "I" } bytes How many bytes the item must have. If bytes is > 1, then the item is an array of bytes. Only applies to single byte datatypes … ": , "U": , "F":{"doc":"Floating Point", "formats":"F4","F8", "items":{ "A":{ "ACCESSMODE":{ "doc":"ACCESSMODE, Load Port Access Mode", "formats":"U1", "codes":{ "0
    Ignition User Manual 7.9May 08, 2018
  4. HTML in Ignition

    the html with </html> is optional. <b>...</b> Bold Applies a bold style to the contents of these elements. <u>...</u> Underline Underlines the text contained within
    Ignition User Manual 7.9Sep 28, 2016
  5. EEEE=Tuesday; E=Tue u Day number of week Number 1 (1 = Monday, ..., 7
    Ignition User Manual 7.9Dec 15, 2017
  6. dateFormat EEEE=Tuesday; E=Tue u Day number of week Number 1 (1 = Monday, ..., 7
    Ignition User Manual 7.9Jul 31, 2018
  7. Gateway Control Utility

    Restores a gateway backup (.gwbk) file. t,tdump Performs a thread dump in the Gateway and prints the dump to the commandline. u,unactivate Offline unactivation
    Ignition User Manual 7.9Dec 22, 2018
  8. Strings

    by placing the letter u in front of the string. print u'été' Combining Strings Two different string type variables can actually be combined or concatenated using … = "Inductive Automation" if 'd' in string: print "There is a d in the string" for letter in string: print letter There is a d in the string I n d u c t i
    Ignition User Manual 7.9Jan 22, 2018
  9. Formatted Text Field

    Description Any valid number, Such as 09. ' Escape character, used to escape any of the special formatting characters. U Any letter. All lowercase letters … . Component Customizers Style Customizer Example Description U/UU A product code with a specifc format, like 28E8213/AR 0xHHHH A hex digit, automatically prepends "0x
    Ignition User Manual 7.9Jan 17, 2018
  10. Dates

    u Day number of week Number 1 (1 = Monday, ..., 7 = Sunday) a Am/Pm marker Text
    Ignition User Manual 7.9Jan 22, 2018