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Introduction of the Quality interface

Many parts of the system previously returned DataQuality, or other quality indicators, and have been refactored to use the new Quality interface. This interface is the first step towards a more extensible Quality system, that will eventually allow the definition of new quality codes with custom overlays, better message support, and more. For 7.3, developers should continue to use DataQuality (which implements the interface), or the values in CommonQualities. New qualities can be made with the BasicQuality class, but there is currently little benefit. Due to the complexities of scoping, and the minimal benefit and this time, it is not recommended that you implement this interface yourself.

SQLTagsManager read and write - modified return values

Calls to and SQLTagsManager.write(...) will need to be refactored to use the new return values. Instead of returning Read and Write results, the function now return simpler, more direct values. Read will return QualifiedValue, whose Quality component can be used to verify success or failure, and Write will return a Quality object, whose Good or Bad state similarly indicates success or failure.

OPCManager read and write

Similar to SQLTagsManager, the OPCManager has been modified, and modules calling read(...) and write(...) will need to be refactored. The goal was to improve consistency across these two similar, but separate, systems.
Ignition 7.4 is framework version 4.

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