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  1. Appendix A - API Changes


Version 7.2 represented the first major release of the SDK (revision 2). Therefore, since the SDK was previously primarily for internal use, there are no significant changes to list.


New SDK Features

New SimpleTagProvider Class

The SimpleTagProvider makes it dramatically easier to expose data through SQLTags. Instead of implementing a full tag provider, you can simply instantiate an instance of the SimpleTagProvider and provide values through the easy interface. Each provider created in this manner will show up under the "All Providers" node, and tags exposed through this system can be configured to allow alerting, scaling, work with the history system, etc. with no additional code required by the module author.

Drivers Can Add/Remove Nodes

Drivers can now add and remove Nodes at will using the NodeManager and NodeBuilderFactory classes provided during initialization. When Driver#shutdown() is called it is important that a Driver removes any Nodes that it added.

Modifications To Driver Interface

The signature on some of Driver's methods have changed to accommodate the idea that a Driver now has the ability to remove nodes from the server that it previously added, allowing for better memory usage as well as things like changing the DataType of a Node without requiring a module restart.

Address No Longer Exists

All locations in the API that the Address class was used have now been modified to accept a
String instead. The Address class has been removed.

OPC-UA Package Changes

Many of the OPC-UA related classes used while creating a driver, such as DataValue, Variant, UtcTime, etc... were previously located in ignition-common.jar under the package com. inductiveautomation.ignition.common.opcua or in xopc-driver.jar under com. inductiveautomation.xopc.api.

These classes are now located in ia-opcua.jar under com.inductiveautomation.opcua.

Adding the new jar to your build path and using Eclipse's "Reorganize Imports" option (Ctrl+Shift+O) on your project should be sufficient in most cases.

DriverAPI.Version Change

To reflect these backwards-incompatible changes, DriverAPI.Version has been incremented to

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