SFC Functions

The following functions give you access to interact with the SFCs in the Gateway.

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Chart Scope Variables

There are a number of built-in variables maintained by the SFC engine that can be read through the chart scope.

Note: Certain chart scoped variables may interfere with the internal functions of the chart. For example, creating a variable like chart.values will conflict with a pyDictionary's values() method and therefore the chart will show an error. Since SFC charts use Python Dictionaries to manage chart scoped variables the methods associated with Python Dictionary's act like reserved words.

Variable Name


chart.instanceIdThe string UUID of the running chart instance
chart.startTimeA java.util.Date object that indicates when the chart instance started running.
chart.runningTimeAn integer representing the number of seconds the chart has been running for.

The chart scope of the enclosing chart (if any). null if this chart was not executed as part of an enclosing step.