This function is used in Python Scripting.


Reads a byte at a time from a serial port until a delimiter character is encountered. The read will block for up to timeout milliseconds before returning.

Caution: If the delimiter is not found before the timeout period, then the buffer will dump, potentially resulting in data loss.

Client Permission Restrictions

This scripting function has no Client Permission restrictions.


system.serial.readUntil(port, delimiter, includeDelimiter, [timeout])

  • Parameters

String port - The previously configured serial port to use.

Char delimiter - The delimiter to read until.

Boolean includeDelimiter - If true, the delimiter will be included in the return value.

Integer timeout - Timeout in milliseconds. Default is 5000. [optional]

  • Returns

String - Returns a string containing all 8-bit ASCII characters read until the delimiter was reached, and including the delimiter if the "includeDelimiter" parameter was true.

  • Scope

Gateway, Vision Client, Perspective Session

Code Examples
Code Snippet
# This example will read bytes from an open port called "COM1" until the delimiter character is reached.
port = "COM1"
delimiter = "$"


system serial readUntil, serial.readUntil