This function is used in Python Scripting.


Creates a roster with the given name and description, if it does not already exist.

This function was designed to run in the Gateway and in Perspective sessions. If creating rosters from Vision clients, use system.alarm.createRoster instead


system.roster.createRoster(name, description)

  • Parameters

String name - The name of the roster to create.

String description - The description for the roster. May be None, but the parameter is mandatory.

  • Returns


  • Scope

Gateway, Perspective Session

Code Examples
Code Snippet
# Create an empty roster with a description.
system.roster.createRoster("rosterEast", "East plant user roster")

# Create an empty roster roster without a description.
system.roster.createRoster("rosterWest", None)

system roster createRoster, roster.createRoster