This function is used in Python Scripting.


Toggles a docked view.


system.perspective.toggleDock(id, [sessionId], [pageId])

  • Parameters

String id - The unique, preconfigured 'Dock ID' for the docked view. Is specified when a view is assigned as docked for a particular page (in Page Configuration).

String sessionId - Identifier of the Session to target. If omitted, the current Session will be used automatically. When targeting a different session, then the pageId parameter must be included in the call. [optional]

String pageId - Identifier of the Page to target. If omitted, the current Page will be used automatically. [optional]

Dictionary[String, String] params - Parameters that can be passed into the docked view. Must match the docked views View Parameters. [optional]

  • Returns


  • Scope

Gateway, Perspective Session

Code Examples
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# Toggles a docked view with ID "myDockID". We are passing in two parameters, called "myParam" and "myParam2".
system.perspective.toggleDock('myDockID', params = {'myParam':1,'myParam2':'Test'})

system perspective toggleDock, perspective.toggleDock