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The following feature is new in Ignition version 8.1.19
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Changes configuration of a specified dock on a Perspective Page. 


This function accepts keyword arguments.

system.perspective.alterDock(dockId, [dockConfig])

  • Parameters

String dockId - The ID of the dock to be altered. If no such dock exists on the current page with the given ID, a warning will be logged to the console. 

Object dockConfig - The new configuration for the dock. All properties are optional, and any properties not specified will remain unchanged. See the dockConfig Object Shape below. [optional] 

  • Returns


  • Scope

Gateway, Perspective Session

dockConfig Object Shape
dockConfig {
   view: string;
   viewParams: object;
   display: enum('visible', 'onDemand', 'auto');
   resizable: boolean;
   modal: boolean;
   content: enum('push', 'cover', 'auto');
   size: number;
   autoBreakpoint: number;
   anchor: enum('fixed', 'scrollable')`;
   handle: enum('show', 'hide', 'autoHide');
   handleIcon: string;
Code Examples
Code Snippet
# Change the size of a dock with the id 'my-dock-id'
system.perspective.alterDock('my-dock-id', { 'size': 500 } )

system perspective alterDock, perspective.alterDock