This function is used in Python Scripting.


Loads a transaction group configuration from an xml export, into the specified project (creating the project if necessary). The mode parameter dictates how overwrites occur.

Note: This function is scoped for Perspective Sessions, but since all scripts in Perspective run on the Gateway, the file must be located on the Gateway's file system. 

Client Permission Restrictions

This scripting function has no Client Permission restrictions.


 system.groups.loadFromFile(filePath, projectName, mode)

  • Parameters

String filePath - The path to a valid transaction group xml or csv file.

String projectName - The name of the project to load into.

Integer mode - How duplicates will be handled: 0=Overwrite, 1=Ignore, 2=Replace the existing project with this one.

  • Returns


  • Scope

Gateway, Perspective Session

Code Snippet - Loading a Transaction Group Into a Project
# Note that backslashes are used in Windows filepaths, but are also escaped in Python. Thus, we use the double-backslashes here. 
path = "C:\\Users\\user\\Desktop\\group.xml"

projName = "MyProject"

# Read a Transaction Group from a file and overwrite any preexisting groups that match those in our file. 
system.groups.loadFromFile(path, projName, 0)

system groups loadFromFile, groups.loadFromFile