This reference section provides tables showing the symbols used in Tag Browser along with the symbol name and description.

Tag Browser Icons


AddAdd button used in many areas in the Tag Browser such as adding a new Device, Tag Folder, Data Type Instance, and a Tag.  

Column SelectionOptions for what columns are displayed in the Tag Browser: Value, Data Type, and Traits. Check the option in the dropdown list to display that column.

CopyCopies the selected item, for example, a Tag or a UDT.

Copy Tag PathCopies the full tag path to the clipboard.

Data Types Folder Closed

Icon displayed when the data types folder is closed.

Data Types Folder OpenIcon displayed when the data types folder is open.

Data Type InstanceCreates new instance of an existing Data Type. Dropdown list shows the available instances.

Tag Groups (formerly Scan Classes)Opens the Tag Group Editor (formerly scan class editor).

Export TagsExport Tags.

Folder Closed

Icon displayed when a folder is closed.

Folder Open

Icon displayed when a folder is open.

Import TagsOpens import window from which you can import a file

Multi-instance WizardOpens the multi-instance wizard.

New Standard TagDropdown list from which you can select an option to create a new data type, a new data type instance, or a new standard Tag. You can also create a new folder for Tags or data types.

OPC ServerBrowses the OPC servers.

PastePastes the contents of the clipboard into the current context.

Paste CancelCancels the paste action.

RefreshRefreshes the Tag providers.

RenameEnables text editing of the Tag name.

SearchSearch for Tags.

TagIcon for a Tag. Appears next to the Tag name in the Tag Browser tree.

Tag DisconnectedIndicates the Tag is disconnected.

Tag EditOpens the Tag Editor screen.

Tree NodeIcon for a node in the tree that's expanded from an individual Tag.

Tag Traits

Tag configurations or settings are visually represented by a unique icon next to the Tag in the Tag Browser.

The following icons enable you to note some important settings on the Tag at a glance. A description of the icons are listed below. 


ScalingThe Scale Mode property under the Numeric Tag Properties section of the Tag Editor has been set to a value other than "Off." The value on the Tag will be scaled to some degree.

AlarmingAt least one alarm has been configured for this Tag.

Tag HistoryThis Tag has been configured to log data into the Tag Historian system.

Tag Event ScriptAt least one Tag Event Script has been enabled on this Tag.

Tag PermissionsThe Access Rights property under the Security Tag Properties section of the Tag Editor has been set to Read only or Custom. For more information, see Tag Security Properties.

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