This feature was changed in Ignition version 8.1.33:
This Edge product is no longer a stand-alone Ignition Edge product. It is now included in both the Edge IIoT and Edge Panel products. 

The EAM product allows an Edge Gateway to act as an agent in EAM architecture. The Edge Gateway can only be an agent, not a controller. EAM enables you to bring diagnostics, automatic backup and recovery, central licensing, and project and Tag synchronization to your edge-of-network device.  

The EAM product activates the Enterprise Administration module. Some features of Ignition Edge EAM require the Enterprise Administration module to be installed on the central Ignition Gateway.

For an example of architecture using EAM, see Edge Architectures

Gateway Backup and Recovery

The EAM enables automated backup and quick recovery for all Gateways through a Gateway backup archive.

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