This feature was changed in Ignition version 8.1.33:
This Edge product is no longer a stand-alone Ignition Edge product. It is now included in both the Edge IIoT and Edge Panel products. 

Ignition Edge Compute brings true edge computing to your network. Compute enables you to program directly against the web server in the Ignition Edge Gateway. You can remotely run scripts and create REST APIs for interfacing with third-party applications. It also provides Gateway Network Messaging.

Ignition Edge Compute gives your edge devices the ability to run scripts without the need to depend on the central server. Python is an easy to read, versatile programming language. Even if you don't know it at all, you will probably be able to understand a basic Python script. See Python Scripting for complete information.

Scripting in Edge Compute

Gateway scoped scripting, such as Gateway Event Scripts and scripts that execute on a Tag (such as Tag Event Scripts or scripts called by runScript on a tag/alarm property), are unlocked when the Compute product is applied. This allows you to use any of the Gateway scoped Event scripts for your project. You will not see the “Gateway Events” menu item in the Designer on unlicensed Gateways. Applying a compute license will require a Designer restart before the menu item will appear.

Edge Gateway Network Messaging

Edge Compute provides access to call message handlers on other Gateways. This allows you to send data to other Gateways to be dealt with. You can access this functionality through the following system.util messaging functions:

WebDev Module

Edge Compute comes with the WebDev module, which enables you to directly program against the web server inside the Ignition Edge Gateway and systems running Vision Clients. This gives you the ability to host web pages or files, and create full-fledged REST APIs that allow external systems to interact with the Ignition server. 

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