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This function is used by Ignition's Expression language.


Creates a color using the given red, green, and blue amounts, which are integers between 0-255. The optional alpha channel to the color controls transparency.

Note: This function was designed to return color objects to Vision bindings, and will not work with Perspective bindings. Instead, Perspective color properties can simply use string hex codes to derive a color from a binding. Example: "#00FF00".


color(red, green, blue[, alpha])

  • Parameter

int red - The intensity of Red, between 0 - 255.

int green - The intensity of Green, between 0 - 255.

int blue - The intensity of Blue, between 0 - 255.

int alpha - Optional. The amount of transparency, between 0 - 255.

  • Results

Color - Returns a color with the given RGB value.


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