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Using Alarm Acknowledgement

One of the most important things an operator is going to do in the client is acknowledge alarms. Alarm acknowledgement is built-in to the Alarm Status Table component. As soon as the operator selects and presses the Acknowledge button, the current state of the alarm will change, and the operator's credentials and the time the alarm was acknowledged will be recorded in the Alarm Status Table.  

The Alarm Status Table component allows you to select an individual alarm or multiple alarms. You can also use the Shift+Click multi select feature to select a range of alarms, or the Select All checkbox in the header bar. Check all the alarms you want to acknowledge, and press the Acknowledged button. In this example, two alarms were checked, and two alarms were Acknowledged at the same time. The Alarm Status Table will record the time the alarm was acknowledged and the user that acknowledged the alarm.


If you don't have the Ack'ed By or Ack Time column in the header of the Alarm Status Table, you can simply add them in the Designer in Preview Mode as well as in the Client. Right click on the header bar, and from the dropdown list check Ack'ed By and Act Time, and any other information you want to display or remove from the Alarm Status Table.

If any of the selected alarms require Acknowledgement Notes, a small window will appear in which the operator will be required to add notes, otherwise, the alarm cannot be acknowledged. If the operator wants to cancel the Acknowledgement Notes and close the window, click on the Search icon or Expand  icon to close the Acknowledgement Notes window.  

Acknowledgement Notes are setup on the alarm's configuration settings. To setup Acknowledgement Notes, go to your alarm configuration settings and set  'Ack Notes Required' to 'true.' For more information refer to Configuring Alarms.

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Alarm Status - Acknowledgement

Security for Alarm Acknowledgement

If you want to restrict who can use the Acknowledge button, there is the Show Ack Button in the Property Editor that can be set to 'False.'  By setting the Show Ack Button to 'false,' this hides the Acknowledge button on the Alarm Status Table.  

In order for operators to acknowledge alarms, the correct permission must be assigned. This example shows how to set permissions to acknowledge alarms for users in the Operator role. You can setup permissions for any role, user and user source in your system.   

  1. Select the Alarm Status Table component, and click the Show Ack Button bindingicon  to open the Property Binding window.
  2. Under Property Binding Type, select Expression.
  3. Click the Function  icon and scroll down to Users, and select 'hasRole.'  This enters the function name.
  4. Edit the expression to read: hasRole("Operator")
  5. Click OK. 

    If you currently have the "Operator" role you will notice that the Show Ack Button property is now 'true,' otherwise, it will be 'false.'

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