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Alarm Journal Profile

 To view alarm history, an Alarm Journal Profile must be created first before logging alarms to the database.

Alarm Journal Table Filtering

Ignition provides a host of filters to view alarm history data in the Designer and Vision Client.  Not only can you filter the Alarm Journal Table on a date range to see alarm history data within a specific time period, but there are also a number of other filters you can use as well.

In the Designer you can filter alarms using the filter properties in the Property Editor. In the Vision Client, you can filter alarms by clicking on the Filter  icon  at the bottom of the Alarm Journal Table.

Filtering in the Designer

In the Designer, drag an Alarm Journal Table component into your window. By default, Ignition filters on four different type of alarm events: System Events, Active Events, Cleared Events and Acked Events. It also filters on all alarm priorities ranging from Diagnostic to Critical. In the Property Editor you can see each type of alarm event.  You can show only those alarm events you want to see by checking the specified alarm event and leaving the other events unchecked.  

When an Alarm Journal Table component is initially placed on a Vision window, the table displays the last 8 hours of alarm events stored in the Alarm Journal Profile. From here, you can filter alarms using the host of filtering properties in the Property Editor to expand or narrow the list of alarms.

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Alarm Journal - General Filtering

You can also filter on Source PathPriorityDisplay Path properties, and even create your own Search String. In the following example, we searched the Display Path for  'Sine' and 'Speed' and applied a basic filter to show only Active and Acked events as you can see by the different alarm state colors. We also set the Priority to see 'Medium' to 'Critical' alarms. You can see that all the 'Sine' and 'Speed' results are shown in the 'Display Path' column of the journal table.

In Preview Mode and in the Vision Client, you can right click in the column header to show or hide columns, reorganize the columns, and resize the columns. You can also sort by column by simply left clicking, or sort by multiple columns by holding the Ctrl key while clicking the column headers. You will see small numbers next to the column header to indicate the sort order and direction (ascending vs descending). 

You can also filter alarms based on a Tag Path and Tag Provider. If you configure alarms in particular folders, you can use the Source Filter to find alarms by Tag Path.  In this example, *Sine1* was entered using wildcards in the Source Path field to find all the 'Sine1' alarms that are Active and Acked in all the 'Sine' folders with a Priority of 'Medium' to 'Critical.'  

You can also filter on alarms by Name using the Display Path filter, which is the alarm name that was setup when you configured the alarm.  In this example, 'High Speed' was entered in the Display Path field to find all the alarms in the system with a 'High Speed' name, and a Priority of 'Medium' to 'Critical.'  

You can also create your own Search String to find specific alarms, events, and conditions. In this example, 'High Speed' and 'High Level' were entered in the Search String field to find all alarms that matched the string criteria.

Filtering in the Client

You can filter alarms in the Vision Client using the Filter tab by clicking on the Filter  icon  at the bottom of the Alarm Journal Table.  Let's filter on Priority using the Filter tab. When you first open the Alarm Journal Table, it displays every single alarm on all the priorities from Diagnostic to Critical. If all you want to display is High to Critical alarms, select ‘High’ from the first Priority dropdown on the left and ‘Critical’ from the second dropdown box. You'll notice a Search field and System, Active, Cleared and Acked alarm events are also available to filter alarms. 

In this example, we set the Search filter to find all 'Sine0' Active and Acked alarm events with a Priority of 'Critical.'  To close the Filter tab, click on the Filter icon or the Expand  icon. 

All of the Alarm Journal Filter properties are bindable so you can design your Visions windows and let the operator choose and filter the alarm data based on how they want it displayed.

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