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The Query Binding allows you to pull data from the database using a named query. In Perspective, the Query Binding requires the use of Named QueriesYou can't type a query here from this interface, a Named Query must already exist. You can also add transforms. For more information, see Transforms

Binding Properties

Property NameDescription

Here you can enter in the path to the Named Query. Click on the Search  icon to get a list of all available Named Queries.

Return Format

The Return format specifies how the query results are returned. Options are auto, json, dataset, or scalar.

  • auto:  Query results are returned in the format native to the database (typically dataset).
  • jSon: Query results are returned in jSon format.  This format is recommended for XY Charts.
  • dataset: Query results are returned in dataset format.  This format is recommended for tables.
  • scalar: Returns the first element from the query result. This format is best when a single value is expected.

Here you can see a table of all defined Named Query parameters. You can pass in property or Tag values to the parameters by first highlighting the parameter and then selecting either the Property icon or the Tag icon.

Note: The fields under the Value column are evaluated as expressions, so strings will require quotations marks.

QueryIn the query section, there is nothing to configure, but you can see what the Named Query you have selected looks like.

Allows the component to be active/in use /interactive on the screen.

Overlay Opt-Out

Indicates whether the component should reflect a bad quality binding via a Tag overlay.

Bypass cacheThis will cause the query to bypass/Ignore any cached values from the Named Query and run every time it is called.

Designer Limit

This setting will force the results of the query to be limited to a few rows when run in the Designer.

PollingHere you can set the Polling Mode of the Named Query binding based on the Polling rate.

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