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The Perspective Alarm Status Table has a ton of configuration options that can be used to do things like filter the list of alarms being displayed, acknowledge and shelve alarms, and configure how the Alarm Status Table component displays the alarm events. Each of the pages in this section goes over setting up various aspects of the Alarm Status Table.

Perspective Alarm Status - User Interaction

The User Interaction page introduces you to the Alarm Status Table, its interface and how to navigate around the table. It also briefly describes the Alarm Status Table's features and functions including how to configure the table to get realtime and historical alarm event data. 

Perspective Alarm Status - Configuring Properties

The project designer and Ignition administrator have the option to enable or disable properties and setup filtering options in the Property Editor of the Designer based on the project requirements and needs of the client users. This page describes which properties are enabled and which properties have some default filtering options preset. Learn how to configure your own Alarm Status properties in the Designer on the Configuring Properties in the Designer page.

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Perspective Alarm Status - General Filtering

The Alarm Status Table has a number of built-in functions right on the table so with a simple click of a button you can filter on alarm states and see alarm details. The Alarm Status Table component has a lot of properties that allow you to filter on various parts of alarms. Learn about all of the different built-in ways that the Alarm Status Table can filter alarms.

Perspective Alarm Status - Acknowledgment

The first step in fixing an alarm is acknowledging that the alarm is happening. Acknowledgement plays a very important part in any alarm system which is why the ability to acknowledge alarms is built right in to the Alarm Status Table component. Learn how to acknowledge alarms and configure acknowledgement options.

Perspective Alarm Status - Shelving

Shelving alarms allows you to temporarily silence an alarm for a fixed period of time while you are working on the issue. This can be useful when doing maintenance if Tags are constantly going in and out of alarm.

Perspective Alarm Status - Row Styles

The Alarm Status Table uses different styled rows to differentiate between alarms in different states. These Row Styles can be completely customized using whatever colors and fonts you want. You can even add an animated style drawing an operator's attention to critical alarms!

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